Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What would you take if your house was on fire!!!

The things that I would take if my home was on fire!!!

I am going to tell in a story
  One day my mom was cooking then my dad came home. I told my mother that I smelled something burning. Then I realized the stove was fire, and the fire started to spread. In that sudden  moment I had to think what was very valuable to me so I told my parents and brother that they quickly had to gather the most valuable things to them so I brought my hamster my 2 dogs I set all of my dad's pigeons free I also asked my dad to help me carry the fish tank and then my dad  called the fire department and then we were safe the end.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Kids choice awards is the best place to be!!!

KCA 2014 logo.gif

Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards was held on March 29, 2014, at the Galen Center in Los AngelesCalifornia. Actor Mark Wahlberg hosted the ceremony.[1] The "Orange Carpet" was set up in front of Galen Center on the sidewalks of Jefferson Boulevard. The show was broadcast on the Nickelodeon Network from 8 p.m. to 9:36 p.m. ET/PT, tape delayed for West Coast in the United States and Canada. Kids in all continents were able to vote for their favorite winners, who got to take home an orange blimp trophy, at 17 localized voting sites. The "Kids’ Choice Awards Orange Carpet pre-show" was webcasted prior to the presentation of the awards.
27th Kids' Choice Awards

Logo of the 2014 KCA
DateMarch 29, 2014
LocationGalen Center , Los Angeles, California
HostMark Wahlberg
Preshow hostJeff SutphenSydney Park,Ryan Newman (Orange Carpet)
Television coverage
Runtime96 minutes
  • Production company: Bob Bain Productions, Nickelodeon Productions
  • Producer: Paul Flattery, Kelly Brock
  • Executive producer: Bob Bain, Jay Schmalholz, Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, Paula Kaplan
DirectorGlenn Weiss

Worlds largest Easter egg!!!

 The Vegreville egg is a giant sculpture of a pysanka, a Ukrainian-style Easter egg. It is the largest pysanka in the world.[1] The work is built of an intricate set of anodized aluminum two-dimensional tiles congruent equilateral triangles and star-shaped hexagons fashioned over an aluminum framework. The egg is 31 ft (9 m) long and three and a half stories high, weighing in at 2.5 t (5,512 lb).[2]
Located in Vegreville, a town in Alberta, Canada, the sculpture was designed by Paul Maxum  Sembaliuk (1929–present), a Canadian artist of Ukrainian descent who was born and raised in the Willingdon / Vegreville area. The egg (pysanka) was commissioned by the town of Vegreville. In order to obtain funding for the egg, the town applied for a federal government grant and was eventually able to obtain some funding, but only if the egg was dedicated to the 1975 centennial of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Vegreville received a grant to construct the egg, a nod at Ukrainian culture in Canada,[2] and specifically at early Ukrainian settlements east of Edmonton.[3]
In the Pysanka's early conception, many types of materials were considered, from concrete to wood. The small sum of money granted to Vegreville was not nearly enough to fund the building of the egg and Paul used many of his political and community contacts to muster up support for the project. Paul was at the time a graphic artist working for the Alberta government. A few years earlier, Paul had managed the design and production of a 25 million dollar province wide anodized aluminum signage project; the contract having been awarded to Permaloy coatings division in Alberta. A few years later, Paul asked Permaloy if they would, as a favour to the Ukrainian immigrants of Canada, donate money and the anodized aluminum for the Pysanka's construction. Permaloy readily agreed. Paul wanted to use the Anodized aluminum because of its durability and the fact that the colours would never fade under the rays of the sun.
The next problem was to find a technical solution for the use of the aluminum in the Pysanka's construction. Paul's first cousin, Dr. John Ruptash had also grown up in the Vegreville Area. Dr. Ruptash was at the time dean of engineering at Carlton University in Ottawa. He was an aeronautical engineer. Dr. Ruptash suggested to Paul that a computer be used to execute the technical drawings of the Pysanka. He made some phone calls and recommended to Paul an old friend of his, Dr. Ron Resch and his team of mathematicians at the University of Utah.
Though the surface area of an egg can be difficult to solve mathematically, the enigma of how to assemble two-dimensional tiles onto a three-dimensional egg was eventually solved[2] by Ronald Resch,[4][5] a computer science professor from the University of Utah, with the assistance of computer-aided design.[2] It was the first physical structure designed entirely with computer-aided geometric modelling software.
Resch tiled the egg using a total of 1108 congruent equilateral triangles, 524 concave hexagons (3-pointed stars), 3,512 visible facets, 6,978 nuts and bolts and 177 internal struts.[4] The tiles range in thickness from 116 in (1.588 mm) to 18 in (3.175 mm) and are jointed at angles ranging from 1° at the center to 7° at the tips. These are held together by an internal framework of radiating spokes, which connect the egg's "shell."[2] The pysanka leans at a 30° relative to the base, and turns with the wind similar to the motions of aweather vane.[4]
The software created to guide the lasers which cut the Pysanka's tiles was eventually purchased and used for the cutting of the exterior tiles of the space shuttle.[citation needed]
The egg is one of the main tourist attractions along the Yellowhead Highway, and thousands of tourists visit it yearly.[3] It is located at the north side of the bypass Alberta Highway 16A in Elk's Park.[4]

My adorable baby brother

isn't my baby brother brother was born April 23rd he is turning five this year this picture was taken at my granny's on his 2nd birthday .

What is the meaning of Easter?

 Well the meaning of Easter is.Easter is the culmination of the Passion of Christ, preceded by Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.
The last week of Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains the days of the Easter Residuum, including Maunder Thursday (also known as Holy Thursday), commemorating the Last Supper and its preceding foot washing,[7][8] as well as Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus.[9] Easter is followed by a fifty-day period called Eastertide, or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecostal Sunday.
Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. The First Council of Nicaea (325) established the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon (the Paschal Full Moon) following the March equinox.[10] Ecclesiastically, the equinox is reckoned to be on 21 March (although the astronomical equinox occurs on 20 March in most years), and the "Full Moon" is not necessarily on the astronomically correct date. The date of Easter therefore varies from 22 March to 25 April inclusive. Eastern Christianity bases its calculations on the Julian calendar, whose 21 March corresponds, during the 21 st century, to 3 April in the Gregorian calendar, and in which therefore the celebration of Easter varies between 4 April and 8 May.
Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism, as well as by its position in the calendar. In many languages, the words for "Easter" and "Passover" are identical or very similar.[11] Easter customs vary across the Christian world, and include sunrise services, exclaiming the Paschal greetingclipping the church[12] and decorating Easter eggs, a symbol of the empty tomb.[13][14][15]Additional customs that have become associated with Easter and are observed by both Christians and some non-Christians including hunting, the Easter Bunny, and Easter parades.[16][17][18][19] There are also various traditional Easter foods that vary regionally.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

time poem!

Wake up! Wake up!
It's time for school,
Clock's ticking quicker and quicker, 
I'll be late, late, late!
I rush to school,
Just on time!
With seconds to spare,
I rush to my lesson quick, quick, quick!
Maths goes by so slowly,
Seconds like minutes, minutes like hours…
Geography takes forever,
Until I hear the bell ring, ring, ring!
Home time, it's holidays,
Weeks to have fun!
Time ticks by so quickly,
I have a great, great, great time!
All too soon,
I'm back to school!
Time taking ages again,
Life is filled with time, time, time!

Time traveling!!!

5 fulfillment to time travel to become famous or rich?
first i will go to the 1950 s and give great aunt dolly a iPad. and then I will tell her to show everybody she knows. and then i introduce her to the time machine. and then and then i will take back in time to her great grandfather that died when she was six. and then she will try to invent more .and BOOM!!! i am famous .